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Lip Blush


NOTE: All permanent cosmetic pictures are of actual work performed by Lynn and Kristin Duncan.

All Lynn and Kristin Duncan's permanent cosmetic pictures are Digitally Watermarked which enables identifying, verifying, and tracking. All photos are the exclusive property of Lynn and Kristin Duncan and are fully protected by copyright laws.

All Rights Reserved. 

WARNING! If any permanent makeup photographs are not copyrighted by the permanent makeup technician you are considering, you may be making a grave mistake by choosing her/him. (Permanent makeup photographs are oftentimes sold to technicians for their advertising needs, and/or sometimes stolen from other websites.) Therefore, it would make good sense that "legitimate" copyrighted gallery photographs be publicly displayed, not privately concealed within an office portfolio.


One of the hottest and most talked about beauty treatments!


Benefits of Lip Blush:

- Applying a natural blush color enhances your natural lip color and shape- giving the illusion of fuller lips.

- Lips appear more balanced and symmetrical.

- Lips appear fresh and youthful- can be especially beneficial for women who lose pigment in their lips as they age.

The goal is to restore and enhance the beauty of your natural lip color and shape!

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Lip Blush
Lip Blush
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