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Meet  Lynn & Kristin Duncan...

Talk of the Town | Lynn & Kristin Duncan | Lynn Duncan Permanent | Cosmetics | 8/25/15

Talk of the Town | Lynn & Kristin Duncan | Lynn Duncan Permanent | Cosmetics | 8/25/15

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Lynn Duncan Reviews
Lynn Duncan Permanent Cosmetics

About Lynn Duncan


Lynn pioneered permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing here in the

USA over 20 years ago. Lynn is the leader in the permanent cosmetics industry.  

She has treated thousands of people across the country whose lives

have been improved thanks to the gift of confidence these treatments have provided.

Lynn is physician referred and preferred.

Master World-Class Permanent Makeup Artist & Instructor

Lynn Duncan is... "Physician Referred and Preferred."

Lynn: (262) 470-0077


Lynn K. Duncan, OTR has always had a passion for makeup since childhood. She has been a makeover/makeup artist for over 20 years and has loved every minute of it!

Lynn studied and perfected her ability in permanent makeup artistry. Since she places such a strong emphasis on natural-looking makeup, she went on to develop and perfect the highly specialized "Feathering and Hair-Stroking Technique" for brows, and the "Soft Smudging Technique" for eyeliner.

Lynn's vision is to provide the utmost quality of permanent makeup artistry which sets a new standard in permanent cosmetics: soft, subdued, smudging, feathering, and stroking techniques which look so natural, and are so artistically applied so as to defy the aging process.


"Your face deserves the finest permanent makeup artistry available anywhere in the world." -Lynn

Lynn Duncan Permanent Cosmetics
Lynn Duncan Permanent Cosmetics

Master World-Class Permanent Makeup Artist & Instructor

Kristin Duncan Reviews

About Kristin Duncan


Master World-Class "3-D" Eyebrow Artist & Instructor

Kristin: (262) 470-4161


Kristin Duncan is a leader in the Permanent Cosmetics industry, serving both Wisconsin and Illinois/Chicagoland communities. Kristin is a Master Certified Permanent Cosmetics Artist and a World-Class League Permanent Makeup Instructor.


Kristin is also a State-Licensed Medical Aesthetician; a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist; an Electrologist and Certified Laser Technician. As a Skin Care Specialist, Kristin offers the cutting-edge "Rejuvapen MicroNeedling" treatments, along with Facial Sculpting and Microdermabrasion.


Kristin specializes in the natural-looking "Three-Dimensional" or "3-D" Hairstroke Eyebrows. Her 3-D hairstroke eyebrow artistry is specialized and is in high demand as it offers the most natural eyebrow appearance. 


Kristin is State-Licensed by both the Wisconsin and Illinois Department of Health. She is a current member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation and the World-Class League of Permanent Makeup Artists.

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