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Talk of the Town | CW57| Lynn & Kristin Duncan |


Talk of the Town | Lynn & Kristin Duncan | Lynn Duncan Permanent | Cosmetics | 8/25/15

30 West Magazine "Makeup Revolution" -Lynn Duncan

Press Release!

"Lynn Duncan: Makeup Revolution"
30West Magazine, June 2011

Cosmetic tattooing option for cancer survivors

Lake Country Reporter Article- Lynn Duncan 

October 6, 2009 


Areola regimentation and option for women who have had a mastectomy ...

WTMJ 4, Lynn Duncan Interview

Lynn Duncan's interview with

Maureen Mack of WTMJ 4!

Aired December 10th, 2004

Waukesha Freeman- Lynn Duncan Permanent Cosmetics

Press Release!
Waukesha Freeman Article

January 3, 2005


Waukesha Freeman Article - "BIG Moments" - "Hartland Woman Decides to Make Makeup Permanent." by Kelly Gilbert, January 3, 2005


Bonnie Wagner of Hartland has decided to enter the world of permanent cosmetics and have permanent eyeliner applied. 

"My aunt had it done years ago and she really loved it," says Wagner. "And I didn't really think about it until I saw Lynn again."

Her friend, Lynn Duncan, of Lynn Duncan's Permanent Cosmetics in Delafield, has her eyeliner done in permanent makeup. The procedure is similar to that of getting a tattoo but the ink is different than tattoo ink and the skin is numbed so the procedure is pain-free.

"Bonnie knows that I am a makeup artist so she's going to let me make all the decisions," Duncan says. "Anybody can do permanent makeup but it really needs to look flattering and not everybody can do that if they're not a makeup artist."

Wagner reclines in a dentist-like chair.

"Bonnie, I have an idea. What about midnight blue?" asks Duncan. "Midnight blue would not be too harsh. It looks blackish. It will give you the definition without the harshness."

Wagner agrees. 

"I'm really trusting her," says Wagner. "This is permanent."

Duncan begins by applying a cream anesthesia around the eyelids. She waits for the eyes to numb and begins the procedure.

Duncan informs Wagner that the ink initially apears darker and that the color will fade to about half the darkness after a week. She holds Wagner's eyelids closed as she works.

"I feel nothing," says Wagner. "It tickles."

As the line is tattooed, saline is applied over the area and anesthesia is reapplied.

"Look straight into my eyes," says Duncan. "It's looking good."

Duncan askes if Wagner can feel anything because she could numb the area more. Though Wagner isn't feeling any pain, Duncan decides to numb the area again.

"We'll stay ahead of the pain," she says.

Duncan continues to tattoo and rinse the area. Since more ink can be added later, Duncan decides to keep the lower liner thin.

"Keep your eyes closed," says Duncan. "I'm numbing your uppers a little more."

She continues the process until it's complete and Wagner is given a mirror to look at her new eyeliner.

"Oh, that looks nice," says Wagner. "No more marker. That looks great."

Wagner is so pleased she decides to have her eyebrows done next.

"I would recommend this," she says. "It doesn't hurt."

Wisconsin Woman Magazine- "What We Treasure Most"

Press Release!
Wisconsin Woman Magazine- "What We Treasure Most"

September 20, 2003

Permanent Cosmetics Take the Years Off

(Reprinted from the, "A Celebration of Wisconsin Women" 9/20/03 announcement)


Just imagine waking up in the morning and looking radiant. No need to waste your time lining your lips, eyes and brows; they're already done. The days of early morning mirror shock are history; you've treated yourself to the latest miracle of modern beauty enhancements: permanent cosmetics.


Permanent cosmetics are the result of a state-of-the-art technique that applies makeup, such as lip color and eyeliner by way of intradermal pigmentation. Lynn Duncan of Lynn Duncan's

Permanent Cosmetics in Delafield offers these and other pemanent cosmetic procedures.


"Every woman wants it," says Duncan. "They just might not know it yet." Duncan, who holds the highest accreditation as a permanent cosmetic instructor/trainer, co-wrote the state exam for permanent cosmetics and is on the legislative board for regulating permanent cosmetics in the state of Wisconsin.


As more and more women opt for permanent cosmetics, the word is spreading: Permanent cosmetics work wonders. Jean C. of Lake Geneva, one of Lynn Duncan's clients says, "I can't say enough about my permanent cosmetics - I suppose what I love most about them is that you've artistically managed to literally take years of of my face - for this I am eternally grateful."


Don't you wish you could take the years off, too? And, while you're at it, shave off a few minutes from your daily morning routine? A few extra minutes of sleep never hurt, you know. Permanent cosmetics may be the answer.

Lake County Publications- Lynn Duncan

Press Release!
Lake Country Publications —

"Living Well" Home Today Article:

"Cosmetic Surgery" by Cindy Crebbin

Fall, 2001

Women are still the prime clients for cosmetic surgery today. But, besides facelifts and eyelid surgery, women, as well as men are also looking for other options to improve their appearance. 


As a child, Lynn Duncan loved experimenting with makeup, not only applying it to her face, but also to her brothers and girlfriends faces. 


So, it's no surprise Duncan's passion for makeup and helping people look good as good as possible has led her to specialize in applying permanent cosmetic makeup, whether it be for eyeliner or breasts. 


A specialist in micropigmentation and a Registered Occupational Therapist, Duncan's business was located in Hartland for three years and is currently located in Delafield. She shares the clinic with Dr. David R. Madenberg, who specializes in removing tattoos with lasers. 


Duncan, who is recognized as an Instructor nationally, has expertise in applying permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattoos for eyeliner, lips, brows and breasts. 


While most of her clients are women ages 40 and up, she does see men who have had disfiguration or scarring. Women have to be 18 years old to have permanent cosmetics applied. 


'More than anything else eyebrows are the number one request for permanent cosmetics. Women are really embarrassed and very self-conscious when they don't have eyebrows or have to draw them on, said Duncan.' 


'Women who request permanent eyelineer want this as a timesaver in the morning,' she said. Young mothers who are very busy appreciate waking up with eyeliner. In the lake country area here, women want to be swimming with company and this is important to them,' Duncan said of the permanent eyeliner. 


According to her, for permanent lip color, generally women are seeking a very natural shade -- the lip color they had when they were 10 years old. 


'For breasts, a lot of women will have had breast augmentation and so they want larger areolas to complement their larger breasts.' 

In other cases, women have allergies to conventional makeup and enjoy permanent cosmetics. 'The pigment we use is all natural', she noted. 


The medications used to numb the area for permanent cosmetic application are the same medications used in the hospitals, said Duncan. Also, 'there's little to no swelling' for the client after a permanent cosmetic procedure is done.' 


Duncan explained that as the years go by, the permanent cosmetics will fade to a softer tone than the initial color. So, in three to five years, people may desire color enhancements to refresh their permanent cosmetics at a fraction of the price. 


Actually, the fading of color is an advantage because the color will fade naturally with the aging process, she said. 


'The greatest fear people have is they think they'll end up looking like a street walker. I cannot emphasize enough that a true artist in permanent cosmetics will create a very natural, subtle, realistic look,' she said. 


At first, nail technicians and hairdressers were Duncan's largest group of clients. But today, 98 percent of her business is through word of mouth. 

But, Duncan said she not only applies permanent cosmetic makeup, but spends a good deal of time fixing other makeup technicians' mistakes. 'I know how to shape a brow - a lot of people think they know how an eyebrow should look, but it's misshapen. They want me to fix it. It costs a lot more to correct someone else's mistakes, than if I would have done it from the start', she said. 


Madenberg, who is Duncan's husband and Medical Director, is certified to remove permanent tattoos with lasers. 


Since Madenberg is a physician, Duncan has access to prescription anesthesia and medical advice. 'We're a physician's clinic'. This is what sets us apart from other people applying cosmetic tattoos in hair and nail salons', said Duncan."

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