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After you have your permanent makeup procedure(s)  done,  you may want to take some steps to protect your investment.  You don't have to follow the recommendations listed below, the only difference is that you'll be back sooner to have your color refresher or maintenance procedure done.  




...Apply a "thin" film of healing ointment (provided to you) to your eyebrows 2x/day with a Q-tip.  If desired, you may take some tissue and wipe off excess ointment, making your brows "moist" rather than "greasy".

...Refrain from direct sun exposure; especially NO tanning beds.

...Refrain from rubbing or washing your new eyebrows.  When washing your face, you may consider using a washcloth so that you can easily wash around your brows.  It's ok if your brows become wet with water, soap or shampoo...just gently rinse off and blot dry.

...Refrain from picking at your eyebrows.  During the healing process, you'll notice the softening of color (30-50% color loss).  This occurs because our skin goes through an exfoliation process and pulls off with it, the top layer of pigment.  

...Refrain from waxing, threading, tweezing or tinting your brows.  No electrolysis for at least two weeks.  

...Refrain from vigorously working out as heavy sweating (salt water) will erode the newly implanted color.  Wearing a headband would be advantageous.

...Refrain from chlorinated pools, hot tubs, salt water, lakes and/or prolonged submersion in the water.  

...Refrain from using any retinol, glycolic, hydroxy or any other acids around the eyebrow area.  

...Refrain from facials, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion.

...Refrain from sleeping on your face.



....Apply a daily layer of sunscreen or sunblock over your eyebrows.

...Refrain from using any retinol, glycolic, hydroxy or any other acids from the eyebrow area.

...Refrain from repeated exposure to chlorinated water, or at least cover the eyebrows with ointment/chapstick/vaseline prior to entering the chlorinated water.

...Refrain from tanning beds as well as excessive exposure to the sun.  

...The use of chemical peels, acid peels and microdermabrasion regularly on the forehead contributes the premature fading of eyebrows.

...If you are planning a chemical peel or laser procedure, please inform the technician of your permanent cosmetics.



...Keep contact lenses out of your eyes for a minimum of 24 hours post eyeliner procedure.  However, it is always recommended to consult with your eye doctor as to when you may resume contact lens wear.

...It is recommended to have an eye wash, frozen baby peas and soft cotton pads available for use upon your return home, just in case you may want to ice your eyes.

...Apply a "thin" film of healing ointment (provided to you) with a Q-tip 2x/day.  Remove excess ointment with another Q-tip.

...Refrain from rubbing your eyes so as to avoid rubbing your new eyeliner.

...Refrain from eyelash tinting and eyelash curling for two weeks.

...Refrain from use of eyelash growth serums for four weeks.

...Never discontinue the use of any medication prescribed by your doctor before or after any permanent makeup procedure, even eye drops, if prescribed by your doctor.

...If, at any time, you notice or experience any conditions which are not consistent with smooth healing, contact your doctor as soon as possible. 



...Wear protective sunglasses whenvever in the sun.  Of course, hats are a nice addition.

...Always wear assigned tanning bed goggles over your eyes while tanning...for the protection of your eyes and your eyeliner.

...Refrain from repeated use of chlorinated or salt water.

...Eye moisturizers and eye creams are very gentle and are designed for use around the eye area; they are also gentle on your eyeliner, as well.



"How do I know when I am ready for a "color refresher" or a "maintenance" procedure?


There is no clear answer to that question.  Basically, you are ready for a "color refresher" or a "maintenance" procedure when you feel it's time to start picking up that pencil to add more color to either your eyebrows or eyeliner.  So, rather than picking up that pencil, pick up the phone to schedule an appointment.



"Why is it called "permanent" makeup, if it's not "permanent"?


Simply because it cannot be washed off, or even taken off without the use of specific lasers designed for tattoo removal.  

Be sure to read the page "Color Refreshers" in this FAQ section for more information regarding maintenance.

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