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Rejuvapen Anti-Aging Treatments


Rejuvapen™ Micro-Needing
treatments are minimally invasive anti-aging treatments which promote the body's natural production of collagen and elastin at a fraction of the cost of laser resurfacing, chemical peels and other injection therapies. During each treatment, specialty serums are infused into the deeper layers of the skin.

Rejuvapen treatments may be repeated as often as every 6 weeks.


What are the Benefits?


— Smoothes Wrinkles and Plumps Up Fine Lines
— Removes/Improves Sun/Age Spots
— Tightens Skin
— Relaxes Scars
— Improves Acne Scarring
— Improves Chicken Pox Scarring
— Fills Old Surgical Scars


More Benefits Include:

— Can last 2-10 years or with natural aging process
— Quick healing time
— Cost-effective
— Up tp 50% or more improvement with one treatment


Who this is NOT for:

— Accutane users (within last three months)
— Anyone with open wounds or active blemishes
— Skin cancer or lesions
— Eczema
— Sebaceious hyperplasia
— Bacterial or fungal infections
— Active cold sore breakouts

(*must be on anti-viral medication)
— Currently undergoing chemo or radiation
— Pregnant or nursing
— Dark or ethnic skin, or skin that hyper pigments
— Vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalities
— Dermatological skin disorders

Rejuvapen Microneedling Process






  • The area to be treated must be FREE of any active acne, cold sore, pimples or infection. 

  • Make sure to schedule 3-5 days of down time.

  • The area to be treated will be cleansed with a medical grade cleanser prior to the application of the numbing cream. 



  • The treated area will be very red during the first 24 hours and will gradually lighten each day; the treated areas will feel like a sunburn.

  • The treated area may be itchy and tender during healing. 

  • A gentle cleanser should be used to cleanse your treated area 3-4x/day.

  • A gentle moisturizer may be used to keep the treated area moist.

  • An after-care kit, for purchase, is recommended to be used during the first week following treatment.

  • The treated area may begin to exfoliate following a couple of days while revealing new pink skin.

  • Healing is rapid and results will be visible in just a few days and continue to improve over months.

  • You may resume your normal skin care regimen after 2 weeks 

Before & After Rejuvapen Microneedling

Full Face
(Cheeks, Chin, around Mouth, around Eyes & Forehead) 







Stretch Marks: Consult Required 


Aftercare Kit


Client #3 - Before & After Rejuvapen Microneedling
Client #2 - Before & After Rejuvapen Microneedling

Facial Sculpting 


Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ is an effective, natural and non-surgical cosmetic treatment available today. It is non-invasive, painless, free of harmful side effects, causes no downtime, and is very affordable. Results will be seen after the very first session. It does not use thermal energy like lasers to wound the skin, but relies on customized wave forms of micro current..

How Does Sculpting Work?

Beautiful Image Facial & Sculpting™ is a procedure that involves the delivery of Microcurrent into the face through specially designed conducting wands that are applied at specific acupuncture points. The experience is described as wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain or swelling, and the age-defying results are remarkable.

Now more celebrities than ever are publicly confessing to being regular clients of this microcurrent technology, including Goldie Hawn, Jamie-Lee Curtis, Mel Gibson, Liv Tyler, Meryl Streep, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, Sandra Bullock, Susan Sarandon, Rene Zellweger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jane Fonda, Kate Winslett, and many more. 

We continue to get twice the results in half the time compared to any other Microcurrent cosmetic technology in the world, and we are the only such technology to consistently achieve noticeable results on the first procedure.

What is Microcurrent?

Not to be confused with Microwaves, Microcurrent is a form of electricity measured in one-millionth of an ampere (micro-amperes or µA ) . It is the closest known electrical current that can be delivered that is nearly identical to the electrical current the human body naturally produces; it is therefore physiologic, safe, and free of harmful side effects.

Traditionally used for medical purposes for over 60 years, the cosmetic use of Microcurrent was discovered by accident when a physician used Microcurrent in an attempt to lift the paralysis of his Bell’s palsy patients. The paralysis was noticeably lifted, but he also noticed his patients were gradually looking younger, as facial wrinkles and creases reduced significantly. Microcurrent is still used to treat Bell’s Palsy patients to this day.

Microcurrent is as much as 1000 times less in strength than the electrical current used in a TENS unit and it is such a small strength of electrical current that it would take nearly 1 million of our Microcurrent devices to light up a 40-watt light bulb.


What Results Can I Expect? 

If you already have signs of aging, you can expect to look younger once you complete your recommended program. Some respond better than others, but everyone with aging issues gets age-defying results.

Our technology is so effective, that you should see some noticeable results on your first session.

Changes are gradual rather than drastic, and look more natural than other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 


Some of the benefits include:

— Diminishes or eliminates fine lines, creases, and wrinkles
— Hydrates and revitalizes skin, making it smoother and softer
— Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
— Rejuvenates the "pink glow" of youthful hues
— Visibly firms and contours, lifting the overall droop
— Tightens sagging jowls, doubling chins, and fatty cheeks
— Clears up or reduces acne
— Reduces scarring and dimpling from laser resurfacing
— Reduces dark circles or puffiness under eyes
— Reduces symptoms of Eczema, Melasma, and Rosacea
— Clears up or reduces acne


While many cosmetic procedures such as skin resurfacing rely upon wounding the dermis to obtain results, the results from Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ are produced in a non-invasive and non-abrasive way that naturally stimulate the following regenerative properties within your body: 

— 500% increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel of human cells)
— 35% increase in blood circulation
— 40% increase in Gluconeogenesis (production of new glucose)
— 45% increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis
— 50% increase in the length of the elastin fibers
— 10% increase in collagen thickness in the connective tissue
— 35% increase in the number of blood vessels
— 28% increase lymphatic drainage

What age range is this technology suited for?
Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ is recommended for adult clients of all ages, since it preserves and maintains the youthful elements of younger clients, postponing future aging issues, and restores youthfulness in older clients.

Is there any risk of harmful side effects, pain, or downtime from the procedure?
Microcurrent has been used on the human body by medical doctors for over 60 years without any reported harmful side effects. Described as a great escape from the worries of the day, Beautiful Image Facial Sculpting™ is relaxing and euphoric. There is no pain during or after the procedure, no redness or swelling, and no downtime required. You are ready to resume your day upon completion of each procedure.


Those who are pregnant or breast-feeding, experience epileptic seizures, or wear a pacemaker are not candidates for our technology. 

As with any cosmetic or exercise program, those who have experienced a major illness or surgery within the past year need approval from their physician before beginning a Beautiful Image Facia Sculpting™ program. When in doubt, we recommend you see your physician.


How many procedures do I need and how long do the results last?

The minimum recommended program involves 10 sessions, with two the first week and one per week thereafter. Ideal results are achieved with 15 sessions and may be the recommended protocol for those with more extensive aging issues.

Your results will last as long as you continue to maintain them with booster sessions every 4-8 weeks.

In the same way they would maintain highlights in their hair, you can now look and feel younger, without the expense and risk of surgery.


Before & After Facial Sculpting Microcurrent


Face & Neck: $100

Face & Neck Package of 6:  $500

Add-on Microdermabrasion Treatment: Add $50 

Facial Sculpting Microcurrent




Our "medical-grade" DiamondTome Microdermabrasion System provides the optimal level of skin rejuvenation. We can treat the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back, hands, soles/heels of feet, and toes. 

It is a "non-invasive" treatment that rejuvenates aging, sun-damaged and acne-prone skin by exfoliating old, worn, and dead skin cells. The immediate result will be "polished" looking skin with a "radiant glow" and it will also feel smooth and silky. 

This treatment provides the following benefits: 

  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots/damage

  • Refines the appearance of pores (large pores to smaller pores)

  • Stimulates circulation, collagen and cell regeneration

  • Eliminates acne, whiteheads and blackheads 

  • Reduces/eliminates acne scarring

  • Improves elasticity and skin texture

  • May notice slight pinkness following treatment for few hours, although may resume normal activity immediately following treatment

  • Will notice improvement in skin immediately following first treatment ​

The microdermabrasion treatment is not painful. DiamondTome Microdermabrasion is non-invasive, pain-free, and requires no downtime after treatment. You may notice slight pinkness following treatment for few hours, although you may resume normal activity immediately following treatment.

You will experience softer, smoother skin after the first treatment, and continue to see improvement with additional treatments. The length of the treatment and the number of treatments vary depending on your skin type and condition. Packages of 6-12 treatments may be purchased, with treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, for dramatic results.

Treatment Prices

Face and Neck


Face and Neck Package of 6


Add-On Facial Sculpting Treatment



— Packages of 6-12 treatments may be purchased, with treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, for dramatic results.

Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing System
Facial Sculpting


Teeth Whitening


LED Blue Light Teeth Whitening Treatment

"Teeth Whitening" is hot, hot, hot!! In fact, many surveys have been taken which reveal that teeth whitening is the number #1 sought-after beauty treatment of all! 


People who have white, bright teeth are those people who smile with lots of confidence!

They love to smile because they KNOW their teeth look clean! The next time you notice that person with bright, white teeth smile at you...look to notice how their "eyes" even sparkle!


We are very excited to announce that we now offer professional teeth whitening. The cutting-edge technology that we use is the

BriteWhite System ( BriteWhite offers the first LED (Light Emitting Diode) system that is inserted inside of the mouth for ultimate, professional teeth whitening. There is no heat, no sensitivity, no cheek retractors, no rubber dams, no saliva drip, no gagging, no long waiting, and no pain.

The Blue LED light has been proven to be safe, and using less time promotes whitening without softening enamel, which causes corrosive problems and the disruption of soft and hard tissues. BriteWhite also prevents damage to the pulp.


BriteWhite treats all teeth. Results for whitening teeth are obtained by attacking the discolorations of the teeth. A specifically tailored gel, a specific wavelength, and power are combined to boost the delivery of the light and to all teeth. The upper and lower inside and outside cover all areas to whiten teeth simultaneously. BriteWhite uses Carbamide Peroxide and our products do not contain Flouride or alcohol ingredients maintaining the safest products to offer our clients.

BriteWhite is FDA approved.

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Price


One Treatment


Teeth Whitening
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