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We've designed a rewarding training program for you. You will be guided through your training by Professional Makeup Artist, Lynn Duncan, OTR, CPCP. She is recognized by her peers as a leader in her field as she incorporates the most effective training techniques available. 


In addition, her medical background provides you with an "enhanced understanding of proper safety precautions, including sterilization, sanitation and the avoidance of cross-contamination." This is crucial for your personal protection and the protection of your clients for any technician working within this industry. 


For the past 20 years, Lynn has been personally training and mentoring students throughout the world.

Kristin Duncan, CHA, CLT, SMP, Medical Aesthetician, has been training students for four years with Lynn. Kristin's expertise lies especially with permanent eyebrows and 3D microblading as she is a leader in this field.


Our Fundamental Training Program consists of 100 hours, which includes 35 hours of home study, which requires passing an online Bloodborne Pathogens Test and the review/study of our comprehensive Student Manual, along with 65 hours of classroom work. 

* Machine and supplies provided during training. Students will use a Digital machine during class.

* Machine and supplies are at an additional fee. We offer a 10% discount on the purchase of a permanent makeup machine.

Upon successful completion of training, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Prior to Enrolling into Class 

It is the student's responsibility to contact all of their state and local board of health agencies regarding rules and regulations for permanent cosmetics in their area. (Each area has different rules and regulations and some have recently been changed/updated.)


Prior to Coming to Class 
It is the student's responsibility to take the online Bloodborne Pathogen Exam for Certification. You will need to bring your completed Certificate with you to class. (View here)

Permanent Makeup Training Tuition

Fundamental Permanent Makeup Training:


Tuition: $5,500


Students will receive their comprehensive Student Manual, through the mail, upon receipt of their $1,000. non-refundable tuition deposit, which will hold their slot in class. The remaining tuition balance will be due no later than three (3) weeks prior to the start of their chosen class date.



Fundamental Training
Tuition Cost: $5,5000.

Training Agreement
Required Deposit to register for class:      $1,000.00
Balance Due 3 wks. prior to start date:      $4,500.00
Training Manual: Included in tuition
Trainer Support: Unlimited
Certificate of Completion: Included in tuition 

Total: $5,500.


Lynn K. Duncan, OTR, CPCP
World Class Instructor Member

— State-Licensed (in WI and IL) / Board-Certified Master Level Permanent Makeup Artist 
— International Master Level Certified Permanent Makeup Instructor 
— Diplomat Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) 
— State-Licensed (WI) Registered Occupational Therapist



Lynn's Training Certificates:



World Class League of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals Instructor Member








Certificate of Master Instructor Member, Permanent Cosmetics Associates 








SofTap InstructorCertification








Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation









Certificate of Completion, Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Tattooing and Piercing Sanitation 



State of Wisconsin License and Permit


State of Illinois License/Permit



As leaders in the field of permanent makeup, it is our goal and priviledge to provide our students with the most comprehensive, safe and superior education within a professional and approachable environment.

We place heavy emphasis on color theory, technique, sterilization, hands-on experience and information on building your business during this intensive 100-hour course.

Our goal is to provide our students with nothing less than the opportunity to learn on the highest quality Nouveau Contour digital equipment and/or manual tool (SofTap) supplies in order to promote their confidence and future success.

Kristin E. Duncan, CMA, CLT, SMP
World Class Instructor Member

— State-Licensed (in WI and IL) Master Permanent Makeup Artist 
— Master Level International Permanent Makeup Artist 
— State-Licensed (WI) Medical Aesthetician/Skin Care Specialist 
— Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist


Kristin Duncan, State-Licensed Medical Aesthetician, and Licensed/Board-Certified World-Class Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor, who is also licensed by the Department of Health,and a member of the World Class League of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (WCLPC), offers her years of expertise. 


Kristin's Training Certificates:



World Class League of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals Instructor Member


Masters Certification - Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics






Certificate of Excellence Permanent Cosmetics Instructor





Certificate of Master Instructor, Int'nl Training Institute of Transdermal Cosmetics 







Certificate of Completion, Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Tattooing and Piercing 









State of Wisconsin License and Permit









Course Curriculum


This fundamental/basic course is designed to transform a brand new student into a knowledgeable and skilled permanent cosmetics technician. Students who take this course will graduate with the understanding and confidence in performing eyebrows, eyeliner, lip lining and shading procedures.


In addition, Lynn Duncan's medical background provides you with an "enhanced understanding of proper safety precautions, including sterilization, sanitation and the avoidance of cross-contamination." This is crucial for your personal protection and the protection of your clients for any technician working within this industry.


Bachelor of Science Degree, University of WI Milwaukee *

Commencement Honors, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Certificate for Registered Occupational Therapist Assoc.


* Lynn Duncan Graduated From UWM on

"The Dean's List." (Lynn is a perfectionist.)


Fundamental/Basic Training Course Curriculum


1. Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
A. History of tattooing as it applies to permanent cosmetics
B. Overview of the different types of machines and devices


2. Sterilization/Sanitation
A. Bloodborne Pathogens test/certificate
B. Avoiding cross-contamination
C. Proper cleaning, disinfecting
D. Sterilization requirements
E. Proper disposal of sharps container and bio-hazardous waste. 

3. Consultation
A. Client profile - analyze character traits and client selection; discussion of client expectations
B. Photography 

4. Medical History/Client Information Form
A. Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics
B. Determine when a physician review is advised
C. Obtaining medical clearance 

5. Consent Forms - Informed Consents
A. Liability Issues
B. Model Release 

6. Office Set-Up
A. General equipment; floor plan; building codes
B. Treatment room - necessary supplies

7. Health Requirements
A. Discussion of acceptable forms of sterilization vs. disposable equipment
B. Disinfectants and antiseptics; proper housecleaning
C. OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding bloodborne pathogens
D. Avoiding cross-contamination
E. Technician safety - handwashing, Hepatitis B vaccination; gloves; masks
F. Proper handling of devices, needles and pigments
G. Sanitary measures during procedure set up and clean up

8. Client Preparation
A. Pre-procedure care
B. Preparing the client's skin; marking the skin
C. Effective Anesthetics

9. Color and Pigment Theory
A. Understanding the color wheel 
B. Discussion of how skin undertones and pigments work together 
C. Pigment mixing and storage
D. Color Correction

10. Skin Anatomy
A. Discussion of skin layers
B. Healing process of skin and skin care
C. Skin diseases: infection, herpes, moles, warts, freckles, psoriasis, eczema; reactions of skin to various materials
D. Fitzpatrick Scale and its relation to color response
E. Determining undertones of warm and cool complexions


11. Needles
A. Appropriate needle selection and applications for various effects as hair simulation, shading, soft powdery finishes, etc.
B. Storage and disposal 

12. Equipment - Digital Machining
A. Digital machine introduction
B. Assembly and disassembly
C. Use of protective barrier film; proper and safe cleaning of machine.
— OR —
12. Equipment - SofTap
The only SofTap equipment needed are various needle groupings and configurations, plus miscellaneous.


13. After-Care
A. Client follow-up
B. After-care instructions; ointment

14. Business/Marketing
A. Basic business and marketing guidelines
B. Insurance/liability
C. Discussion of professional organizations
D. Client expectations 

15. Practice Procedures
A. Discuss facial morphology and variations in facial shapes
B. Discuss eyebrow designs; practice
C. Discuss eyeliner designs; practice
D. Proper eye stretching techniques for safe application
E. Discuss lip shaping and color blending; practice
F. Work on mannequins and/or practice pads
G. Watch demonstrations of all procedures prior to student applications on live models
H. Students will perform a minimum of 2 of each category:
1) Soft-filled and hairstroke eyebrows 
2) Natural finish eyeliner
3) "Gloss and go" liplining with shaded blending

Advanced Permanent Makeup Course Curriculum


Tuition:  $1,500 per day (8 hours)


All students must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrolling unless successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Permanent Makeup Training Program.

Customized advanced training is available for the experienced permanent makeup artist who is ready to take her skills to the next level. Advanced training is individually scheduled and is private. 


Students will receive a Certificate of Completion following successful completion of course.


Advanced students may choose from:

— Digital Machine Training...Including Advanced Slope Needle Techniques
— Color Correction Training...Color Theory/Corrective Procedures/Troubleshooting 
— Specialty Training...Including Contoured/Blended Lip Color
— Specialty Training ...Including Designer Eyeliner Techniques (Smudgy, French, Dramatic)
— Specialty Training...Including Paramedical Areola & 3-D Nipple Repigmentation
— Specialty Training...Including Scar/Vitiligo Camouflage & Scalp Pigmentation
— Specialty Training....Scar Relaxation/Dry Needling Techniques

Permanent Makeup Training "3-D" Eyebrows


Tuition:  $2,500.

"3-D" Hairstroke Eyebrows (Machine Method)
— This is a two day intensive workshop - please call for dates and locations.
— All students must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrolling unless successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Permanent Makeup Training Program.
- OR - 

"3-D" Hairstroke Eyebrows (Manual Method/Microblade)

— This is a two day intensive workshop - please call for dates and locations.
— All students must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrolling unless successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Permanent Makeup Training Program.

Permanent Makeup Training for Medical Professionals


Tuition: $2,500.

This is a two day program; please call for availability in scheduling (262) 470-0077.

All students must prove competency in permanent makeup skills prior to enrolling unless successfully completed Lynn and/or Kristin Duncan's Fundamental/Basic Permanent Makeup Training Program.

This Areola Complex Tattoo Training Program is a specialized training program geared for the medical professional who would like to learn how to create the realistic appearance of a natural areola(s)and how to properly color-match an areola in the case of a unilateral mastectomy. 

Medical professionals will learn how to use varied subtle colors with diffused perimeters, rather than the usual "cookie-cutter" look which is often the result when someone who is not artistically trained in this area does areola tattooing. 

Also, very much in demand, is the "3-D" nipple tattooing. This technique, obviously, is for the patient who has had a mastectomy without the creation of nipple(s). You will learn how to design and shade the skin properly while creating the illusion of a "protruding" nipple. 

This program also includes learning scar camouflagefor various body parts, including scars post breast mastectomy or breast augmentation; vitiligo; and scalp pigmentation from hair loss. 

Lastly, scar relaxation, will be taught as many medical professionals will most definitely utilize this technique in their practice as an adjunct to scar camouflage, or simply alone without scar camouflage.


Press Release: (Features Lynn Duncan)
CLICK: "Cosmetic Tattooing Option for Cancer Survivors" by Donna Frake
Lake Country Reporter (2006)


Permanent Makeup Training for Tattoo Artists


Many women are seeking "cosmetic" tattooing services. This is a great time to add this menu item to your studio. Why lose your clients to someone else when you can do this yourself? 

Lynn Duncan has used the coil machine for permanent makeup procedures years well before the state-of-the-art digitalized permanent makeup machines were even invented.

Lynn's permanent makeup coil machine technique experience, coupled with her expertise in color theory, pigment selection, anesthetics, makeup artistry, creates the perfect training platform for the tattoo artist.

Also, Lynn's medical background as a currently State-Licensed Registered Occupational Therapist provides the peace of mind in knowing that you'll be learning this art with a medically-oriented individual. You will learn how to do "sterile and safe" permanent makeup procedures and know that you can contact Lynn at any time in the future with any questions which may arise following your training with her. 


Press Release: 
CLICK: Lynn Using The Traditional Coil Machine
Wisconsin Woman Magazine, (9/2003) "What We Treasure Most"

Click: Lynn Duncan on WTMJ4 Milwaukee
Lynn Duncan's interview with Maureen Mack of WTMJ 4! (Aired December 10th, 2004 (25 MB)

Permanent Makeup Machines

There are many questions regarding which modality (hand method vs. machine method) or which permanent makeup machine is the best choice for permanent makeup procedures. The summary below provides information to help you understand the differences.


First Some Tips

— Be sure that you choose which "modality" will be best for you before committing to your Basic Permanent Makeup Class.  
— Also, it is important that your instructor is "Certified" to teach your "chosen" modality.

Brief Description of Various Permanent Makeup Machines


The Hand Method "SofTap"

Lynn Duncan has been a Certified SofTap Instructor since 2001

Press Releases: 


CLICK: Lynn Using SofTap (Manual Method) Permanent Makeup Technique
Wisconsin Woman Magazine, (9/2003) "What We Treasure Most"


Click: Lynn Using SofTap (Manual Method) Permanent Makeup Technique
Waukesha Freeman, (3/2005) "BIG Moments"


The hand method involves utilizing a small hand tool to tap pigment into the skin. The hand method was originally discovered by the cavemen as they've been found with tattoos on their bodies.








Pictured here are some of the SofTap/hand method supplies. It is important to understand that not all hand tools are created equally. SofTap, which is a trade name, is a high quality, very established and reputable company which sells only high quality products; pigments, needles, anesthetics, etc. 


The SofTap method is the easiest to learn, the results are beautiful and natural. It is also the most economical start-up choice for new permanent makeup technicians. The SofTap hand tools range in price from $5.00 - $20.00 each; they come pre-sterilized and are 100% disposable. The method is quiet and clients are at ease during their procedure(s).

The Digital Rotary Machine

• Lynn Duncan and Kristin Duncan are both Certified Digital Rotary Machine Instructors.


They are "official" Educator/Trainer Partners for

Nouveau Contour Digital Rotary Permanent

Makeup Machines.

(Click HERE to view Nouveau Contour digital equipment.)


These "digital" rotary machines are high-tech, cutting-edge, professional-looking, quiet, clean and easy to handle. This is simply the "state of the art" modality in permanent makeup. It doesn't get any better than this.


These machines are engineered in Germany and are smooth-running, "top of the line" machines. The needles hit the skin with precision at the proper depth and speed, so procedures are completed quickly, smoothly, beautifully. 


The "digital" read outs make it easy to adjust the power according to procedure and skin type. 

The "needle cartridges" come pre-sterilized so there is no need for an autoclave. The needle cartridges also come in a large variety of needle configurations for various artistic effects. 


Also, a huge safety factor for the permanent makeup technician while using this machine is that when this machine is turned on, the needle(s) obviously protrudes from the cartridge; but once the machine stops working, the needle(s) automatically returns to the inside of the cartridge so as to aid in the prevention of needle sticks. No other modality offers this safety mechanism. These particular needles are named "safety needles." This is an excellent choice for a medical office, day spa or any other permanent makeup setting.


Press Release: 
CLICK: "Lynn Duncan - Makeup Revolution." 
Lynn using a Nouveau Contour Digital Machine

30West Magazine, June 2011

The Traditional Tattoo Machine 
(aka "Coil Machine")

• Lynn Duncan, OTR, CPCP is a Master Level Certified Coil Machine Instructor.











This machine has long been the choice of many professionals before the modern, high-tech "digital" rotary machines came along. 


The tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O'Reilly in the early 1900's. An attractive feature about the coil machine is that it has many needle configurations which (especially if you are planning to engage in traditional body art tattooing) offers varied artisitic effects. The coil machine is economical to purchase and maintain; it will last for many years.


The drawback to using the coil machine is that it is very noisy and some clients find it difficult to relax, especially when doing eyeliner procedures. It is also not an "attractive" method of applying permanent makeup to the fragile facial skin of clients. It comes across as quite harsh and not lady-like or calming. 


Press Release: 

CLICK: Lynn Using The Traditional Coil Machine
Wisconsin Woman Magazine, (9/2003) "What We Treasure Most"


Click: Lynn Duncan on WTMJ4 Milwaukee
Lynn Duncan's interview with Maureen Mack of WTMJ 4! (Aired December 10th, 2004 (25 MB)

This is the most challenging of all modalties to learn which makes sense once you understand that traditional body art tattooists usually have to "apprentice" with these machines for approximately two years before they become quality tattoo artists. The coil machine also can easily fall out of tune and need an adjustment; as it is a very finicky machine.


This can definitely be a problem and intimidating to the technician who may be in the middle of a procedure when the machine simply stops working. However, if this is your choice, just know that you will need to invest more time and money into your training as more training with this type of modality is necessary.

The "Pen" Machines

• Lynn Duncan, OTR, CPCP is a Certified Pen Machine Instructor.





The "pen" machines are very economical, very cheaply made and do not hold up over time.


Most importantly to know about pen machines...there may be a "back wash" to them. This is extremely dangerous and unhygenic to potential clients. A "back wash" means that the machine (or pen) may exchange body fluids from one client to the next. It may not be known to the permanent makeup technician that her pen machine has a "back wash" as it is impossible to tell from just looking at it.

Testimonials from Former Students

Training Supplies & Equipment

For Information or to Order Call: (262) 470-0077









Nouveau Contour Digital 1000


The Digital 1000 provides optimal results in less time. The digital control (microprocessor) assures stable needle frequency resulting in perfect pigment color retention. Touch-ups have become almost obsolete. The Nouveau Contour 1000 is the most efficient device available and has many advantages over the traditional analog devices. With traditional devices, the needle frequency will drop when penetrating skin that is more resistant. Due to different needle frequencies the distance between the pigment "dots" will vary. The results are inconsistent lines and poor color retention.

Nouveau Contour Digital Intelligent


The Intelligent provides the practitioner with state-of-the-art computerized technology. It is equipped and controlled by an Intel microprocessor "chip." The Intelligent's central processing unit offers the most advanced features, which allow for the selection of pre-programmed settings for various procedures, i.e. eyebrow, eyeliner, lip color and medical procedures. Software installed in the central processing unit, the operating system of the Intelligent, consistently calculates the best needle frequency (speed) needed to achieve optimal pigment retention. 

Nouveau Contour Simplicity


The Portable Permanent Cosmetics Device: The new Simplicity model is the perfect device for the technician
working in a variety of salons or offices.
The Simplicity’s hand piece is equipped with patented safety needles for safe pigmentation and the devices’ features and functions make it a great choice for technicians just starting a business. (Hand piece, Foot Pedal and Power Cord are included.)  

Nouveau Contour’s Permanent Cosmetic equipment is the choice of highly skilled, successful technicians in spas, salons, medi-spas and physicians’ offices. Professionals rely on Nouveau Contour’s patented, German-engineered equipment to provide superior permanent cosmetic procedures to clients worldwide.

Nouveau Contour Hand-Piece


Designed with the skilled Professional in mind Professional Precision - Needle movement is a fluid up and down motion. Professional Power - Less friction in power transmission to hand piece from device which results in additional power to needle. 

— Ergonomic Design - Lighter than other hand pieces, which lessen the chance of hand fatigue. 
— Patented Nouveau design.

Nouveau Contour Simplicity Hand-Piece


The Simplicity hand piece is equipped with a patented Safety Needle Cartridge System, the first and only of its kind on the market today, and is the first permanent make-up machine that guarantees no chance of cross contamination.

To achieve the best results on different skin types and with individual techniques the hand piece is designed to change pigmentation depth. The handpiece is made of die cast aluminum and is extremely light. It comes standard with a Zero Tolerance system. You will never experience any sideward fluctuation of the needles. Hair strokes look more natural, lines look sharper and procedure time is reduced.



The Nouveau Contour needles are especially designed to achieve the same quality throughout the entire procedure. Even at the end of the procedure, the points of the needles are in the exact position as at the beginning of the procedure. Nouveau Contour guarantees quality every time. For the various applications there are various needles.

NC #1 Point Liner
Creates very fine hair strokes, great for needling scars, camouflage work, subtleties.

TNC #3 Point Power

his configuration is a heavier gauge and constructed sturdier than the 3-Point Micro making it a more exacting tool.

NC#4 Point Flat
Primarily a shading tool but when held sideways produces a fabulous hair stroke. A great needle for fast lash enhancements and bottom eyeliners but will create more swelling.

NC#5 Point Slope
5 Point Slope needles are similar to the #3 slope. Works well for longer, tapered hair-strokes and is a great tool for men's eyebrows.

NC #3 Point Micro
Creates magnificently fine hair strokes, too fine for eyeliners, warning for lips too fine for lips other than outlining at the end of a lip procedure to create a pristine finish.

NC#3 Point Round Liner
Great for drawing the outline for eyeliner, creating a dense fill-in for eyeliner, a dense lash enhancement and dense brow color.

NC#5 Point Power
Needles have a rigid construction and completely round to create dense color, beautiful lines with a soft edge. Their sharpness is perfect for drawing and they deposit tremendous color!

NC#7 Point Power
7 Point Power needles have a rigid construction and completely round for a tight circle as compared to the 7 point liner. Great for dense color with soft lines. lines.

NC #3 Point Outline
Best Drawing Tool! Best for drawing the outline of an eyeliner on tougher lids to create a template, beautiful hair stroke, sketching outline for a brow.

NC#3 Point Sloped
Perfect for hair strokes, the 3 S lope needles create a true tapered eyebrow hair effect.

NC#5 Point Shader
Point Shader creates a softer brow than a 3, more like an airbrushed look, great for lipliner, will create a softer eyeliner than a 3 needle, extremely versatile.

NC#7 Point Round
(Shader) - Very soft eyeliner or for filling in a wide eyeliner that has been outlined. Creates a soft smudgy effect as a double eyeliner on both top and bottom lids

NC#9 Point Magnum
Can be used for eyeliner; both top & bottom, shaded or smudged edges on eyeliners, lip interior color (full lip or shaded effect), areola, camouflage, all types of scar work. 


Student Models


We’re always looking for “models” for our students to perform permanent makeup on during their training with us. We offer an inexpensive program for procedures being performed by our students during their training program. 


The model fees are as follows: 

Permanent Eyeliner (upper and lower): $100.00
Permanent Eyebrows (hair-stroke): $100.00  
Permanent Eyebrows (soft-fill): $100.00 
Permanent Lip Liner: $100.00 
Permanent Lip Liner and Fill: $150.00
Areola Repigmentation: $100.00


We are always looking for models

To determine whether or not you would be a good candidate for becoming one of our models, please send an email to and include all of the following information:

1) Your name, city, state, zipcode and email address
2) Daytime and evening/cell telephone numbers
3) The services are you interested in:
— Soft "Powder Fill" Eyebrows
— Eyeliner
— Lipliner
— Areola Repigmentation
— Scar Camouflage
4) Is this service for yourself?
5) Please tell us what you are interested in. Why do you feel you would make a good candidate? Do you have any Medical Conditions that would prevent you from healing? If so please explain i.e., diabetes, etc.

Train With The "World Class Permanent Cosmetic Artist", Kristin Duncan




This class is ALL ABOUT EYEBROWS...

We are not currently Training at this time... 


Specializing in State of the Art...Microblading Eyebrows

(This class does NOT include eyeliner or lip color training)

Tuition:  $3,995

Deposit:  Non-Refundable $1,000 To Hold Seat

Remaining Balance:  $2,995 Due Two Weeks Prior to Start of Class

Duration:  100 Hours

Number of Classroom Days:  Two (2) Classroom Days/ Live Model Training

Hours of Training:  9:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Home Study: 80 Hours

Receive a Certificate of Training upon completion of course. 


We are offering the state of the art and high in demand "microblading eyebrow" training.  You will learn the clean and precise method of microblading.  We will train you within our approachable and professional learning environment with the highest quality pigments, needles and supplies.  You will learn the all of the steps used in the microblading technique, color theory, makeup artisty,  marketing strategies and ethical business practices to help ensure that you receive what is necessary to start your own professional permanent makeup business.  


Our class size is small, never exceeding 2:1 student/teacher ratio. 

During your microblading training on "live" models, the ratio is  1:1 , or  "direct supervision".  







We are a State-Licensed and Board-Certified Training Institution.

Very Important Note:  You are responsible for contacting your own State for Regulations for Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing.






.....Introduction to Permanent Makeup


.....Color Theory

    .....understanding the color wheel and how to match correct color of skin tone 

    .....pigment preparation, choosing pigment, mixing, storage


.....Anatomy of the Skin

     .....understanding the skin composition and layers and healing diseases, disorders, infection, allergies, scars, moles, eczema, psoriasis


.....Makeup Artistry

     .....drawing and designing eyebrows properly

     .....various artistry techniques


.....Sanitation & Sterilization

     .....disinfectants and antiseptics

     .....OSHA and CDC guidelines regarding bloodborne pathogens

     ......prevention of cross contamination and infections

     .....proper hand washing and wearing of disposables


.....Client Preparation

     .....client discussion/expectations, desires

     .....medical conditions

     .....patch tests; discussion of allergies

     .....after-care instructions


.....Proper Forms

     .....consent forms history forms

     .....patch test forms

     .....liability issues

     .....storing; filing forms


.....Set-Up Requirements

     .....preparing clients skin for procedure

     .....anesthesia usage

     .....set up for procedure



.....Procedure Experience

     .....observation of procedures on practice pads

     .....hands-on work on "live" models


.....After Care

     .....forms and instructions

     .....client follow-up appointment





Call Lynn at (262) 470-0077 for dates and availability.


This class focuses entirely on "eyebrows".  

It includes permanent makeup eyebrow training with the machine, plus "microblading eyebrow" training with the manual blades/tools.   

This class does NOT include eyeliner or lip color permanent makeup procedure(s) training.  

State Specific Permanent Makeup And Tattoo Regulations





Lynn: (262) 470-0077

Kristin (262) 470-4161


Student Testimonials

"I am so appreciative of your excellent educational training program and all of the "hands-on" work on live models. You've gone the 'extra mile' for me in order to fill me with the confidence that I need to "go out there into the real world of permanent cosmetics" — you were the answer to my prayers..." — Debbie B., Missouri